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Mag. Gregor Kollwig




After the successful completion of a higher-level secondary industrial college in the field of mechatronic / precision engineering, I started to study of biology at the University of Vienna.


Through specialization in the field of microbiology and genetics and a subsequent prioritization in the area of plant genetics, I graduated in this special field and achieved the masters degree.

During the last years I was involved in diverse projects with the focus on fundamental research in the field of plant genetics as well as in the areas of green biotechnology and human stem cell research. In addition, I took irregular part in the teachings of students and worked on the realization of own research projects.


The foundation of the company LIQUID SOLUTIONS in the year 2014 marks another significant turning point of my occupational career, away from the field of science to international wholesale trade.


My personal future aspect is the interconnection of the sections biology, technology and trade in order to establish further innovations and liquid solutions. 


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Liquid Solutions e. U.

Mag. Kollwig Gregor
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