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STORAGE: Wood.Protector must not freeze! (This does not apply to hardened Wood.Protector) Storage of Wood.Protector below 0°C leads to irreversible damage of the product!


TRANSPORT: Please pay attention to avoid too much pressure on Wood.Protector buckets on pallets during cargo securing. Do not load other cargo on the top of Wood.Protector pallets. Otherwise the lowest buckets will collapse (especially at high temperatures)!


APPLICATION: We strongly recommend the utilization of work clothes and gloves during the application of Wood.Protector. Furthermore we recommend immediate cleaning of all involved devices after usage. The product is hardening very quick and adheres to practical all surfaces.

Do not apply Wood.Protector on frozen wood! Wood.Protector will fail to adhere on frozen elements and become detached!


EUR PALETTS: In case of a delivery of whole pallets of Wood.Protector please instruct the transport company of your choice to provide empty EUR paletts for exchange. Otherwise we have to charge net EUR 11 / palette.

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