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Liquid Solutions was founded in February 2014 by Gregor Kollwig and started in May 2014 with active international sales and distribution of the wood protection agent WOOD.PROTECTOR.


The marketing of the product was entirely uncoupled from the former distributor, the family enterprise Kollwig Holz, and is from now on exclusively provided by Liquid Solutions.


The place of business as well as the main stock location could still be found on the premises of Kollwig Holz company. Additionally, the main stock location was supplemented through satellite stock locations to ensure short-term deliveries.


It is the main objective of the enterprise to satisfy the increasing market demand for the highly qualitative wood preservation agent WOOD.PROTECTOR, which was designed to protect especially the front region of logs and lumbers to prevent cracking.


Among our customers are lumber trade agencies as well as representatives of the wood-processing industry, but also in small sawmills and cabinetmakers in more than 10 countries all over Europe.


Our current attempts comprise the expansion of the intercontinental trade on one hand, and on the other hand the continuous engagement to provide liquid solutions for our existing customers.   

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Liquid Solutions e. U.

Mag. Kollwig Gregor
Betriebsgebiet Süd Straße C 8
3071 Böheimkirchen


+43 650 6621766