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Collection by the customer

Feel free to visit us and collect the product by your own or, alternatively, instruct the transport company of your choice to load the product. A pickup is possible from Monday to Friday in the times between 9.00 – 12.00 am and 1.00 – 5.00 pm at our main stock location in Böheimkirchen.


  • Notification: Please give us due notice (minimum 1 hour) before your arrival.
  • Temperature: Please notice that the product must not freeze! We strongly recommend that the transport of Wood.Protector is tempered to plus degrees if the outside temperatures drop below 0°C!
  • EU – Paletts: Please provide empty EU Palettes for exchange purposes in any cases. If this is not possible we have to charge net EUR 11 / EU Palette.


We would be pleased to arrange the transport of the product to every national and international destination. In course of your order, please inform us if we should organize the transport for you. Subsequent we will inform you about the date of delivery via email.


  • Means of transport: The transport of Wood.Protector will be accomplished via truck, train or ship. The delivery takes place exclusively via forwarding agency. Please note that we no longer send single buckets (25kg) via parcel services. We only organize transports from an order of 8 buckets (corresponds to 200kg).
  • Temperature: In case of low temperatures (winter/below 0°C) we organize sole tempered transports (Reefer) to ensure that the product takes no damage through freezing. Please note that such transports are more expensive than usual ones.

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