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Wood.Protector MSDS 2019
MSDS - Savety Data Sheet WOOD PROTECTOR [...]
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  • PRODUCT: Wood.Protector is a specially designed wood protection agent to protect the front of logs, lumbers and any kind of wooden elements from cracking of the front (end grain wood). The product guarantees excellent elasticity and optimal water-permeability!


  • DILUTION: You can dilute Wood.Protector up to 6-8% with water (~1,5-2 Liter water / 25kg-bucket). It is not mandatory to dilute Wood.Protector with water, but in the case of a spray application we highly recommend this because Wood.Protector can not be applied undiluted due to its high viscosity with conventional spray systems. Please note that we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the product anymore if the dilution factor is too high (>10%). We recommend deciding the dilution factor at its own discretion in subject to environmental conditions. We recommend that you use higher dilutions in winter (<10°C) that during the summertime, because Wood.Protector becomes more thickly at lower temperatures. (All numbers given in regard to a nozzle diameter of 6,5 - 8mm!)


  • CONSUMPTION: 25kg Wood.Protector (1 x bucket), diluted with 6-8% water, are sufficient to protect approximately 2 truckloads of slides (= ~30m3) against cracking of the front. For maximum protection, we recommend to apply Wood.Protector twice (2 layers) in its undiluted form.


  • EFFECTIVENESS: After application with either brush, roll or spraying device to the front side, Wood.Protector hardens within a few minutes. The remaining thin layer does not flake off and guarantees for perfect permeability and therefore even drying of the wood.


  • MATERIAL PROPERTIES: Wood.Protector does not soak into the wood like wood protection agents which contain paraffin. The consistency remains the same through the drying process, even at high temperatures (e.g. steaming). The remaining elasticity of the hardened product prevents spalling (soiling of storage rooms, slippery floors) and allows subsequent processing of the wood without negative effects on devices. Furthermore, Wood.Protector does not stick wooden elements together like glue. Stacks of wooden elements protected with the product can be processed with automated sorting facilities without interference.


  • UNIT:  Wood.Protector is usually distributed in kilogram. 1 liter Wood.Protector equals to 1,485 – 1,494 kg.


  • CUSTOMS TARIFF NUMBER: 32091000. Wood.Protector is non-combustable (fresh condition) and non-toxic. The product is not classified as dangerous good. A material declaration sheet is available on request.


  • VISCOSITY: 8000-9500 mPas; relative density: 1,45 -1,5 g/cm3. Wood.Protector should be stirred prior to application for several minutes. Regarding the choice of the stirring device, please pay attention to its performance. Make sure that the performance of the stirring device is sufficient to stir solutions up to 10.000 mPas and also that the shape of the stirring staff fulfill the requirements to mix the product entirely (important in case of big volumes e. g. IBC)


  • SPRAYING: For the application of Wood.Protector via air-compressed spraying devices (min 6,5 bar) we recommend to dilute the product with 6-8% water and a spray nozzle with a diameter of min 6,5 mm. If necessary, the spray nozzle can be easily extended with a 6.5 - 8 mm drill bit.


  • WASTE DISPOSAL: Wood.Protector is mainly composed of carbon compounds (99,9%). Water and additives evaporate during the hardening process. We recommend to dispose traces of hardened Wood.Protector through combustion at high temperatures. Combustion products remaining after thermal decomposition: carbon monoxide (CO); carbon dioxide (CO2).




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