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The IBC (intermediate bulk container) is new in our assortment. This 1000 liter tank contains a stately amount of 1400kg Wood.Protector. This equates the quantity of 2,3 palettes and is sufficient for the protection of approximately 112 truckloads of slides (~1630m3). The appropriation of an IBC as packaging unit comprises more than one advantages:



  • An environment friendly solution: we utilize IBC tanks which are reusable after cleaning! We all have noticed that plastic in form of garbage became a severe global problem. Now we offer you the opportunity to get rid of piles of empty green buckets and therefore for a drastic reduction of garbage in your company. 
  • A mobile solution: Each IBC tank is fixed on a EU palette, designed to be transported with an conventional pallet transporter to every desired location within your company. There is no further need for the haulage of heavy single buckets.


  • A logistic solution: IBC tanks are sheathed by an tubular scaffolding which made them stackable which allows efficient use of your storage space.


  • A standardized solution: Filling opening (DIN150) and also the outlet valve (DN50) are standardized and therefore easy to be interconnected to regular stirring and spray devices.


  • An intercontinental solution: Intercontinental shipments were in general carried out by sea route, using 20´or 40´ ISO containers. Furthermore, the standardized dimensions of the IBC enable an efficient usage of the volume of the ISO containers which enhances transport safety and reduces shipment costs.



Dimensions:    120x100x106 cm [L-B-H]


Net weight:      1400kg  (Info: 1Liter = 1,485 – 1,494 kg)

Note: Initial to application, Wood.Protector should be vigorously stirred for 5-10 minutes. Therefore an agitator is required which could be interconnected with the filling opening of the IBC. As a service for our customers, we have developed a simple stirring device for optimal mixing. This  device is adjusted to the viscosity of Wood.Protector and ensures efficient mixing within IBC tanks. 

Contact us if you are interested in a stirring solution.  More information...

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