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IBC - Quick guide for spray application
Comic and description for the application of WOOD.PROTECTOR from IBC, in combination with our mobile spray device and the IBC - stirrer.
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Wood.Protector could easily be applied with either brush / roll or sprayed. In case of an application with air-powered (min 6,5 bar) spraying devices we recommend to dilute Wood.Protector with 6-8% water with a nozzle diameter of 6,5-8mm

(see: technical details)


Wood.Protector has to be stirred for a few minutes prior to application.


To avoid losses through wind and rain during spraying of Wood.Protector, make sure that the process takes places in a sheltered environment. (Note: after hardening, the product is not washable any more)


Do not apply Wood.Protector on frozen wood. Wood.Protector will fail to adhere on frozen materials and become detached. We do not guarantee functionality when using our product below 0 ° C!


For special questions you can contact us any time – we will be pleased to provide you additional assistance!

Mobile spray system:
The spraying system we offer may seem simple - and that's it!
We believe the simplest solutions are the best and most efficient. Our mobile spray system is great for applying Wood.Protector and is so simple that you can not go wrong.
It is robust, durable and built by us from high quality materials. The device is easy to clean, maintenance-free and does not rust.

ADDITIONAL REQUIRED: The spray system requires a compressed air supply (min 6,5 bar). A compressed air connection in your company is therefore essential for the commissioning of this device. Please check in advance if one is available in your company.

1. Fill the plastic container with Wood.Protector and add 6-8% water (1,5-2 liter for 1 x 25kg bucket) to prevent eventual clogging of the nozzle (6,5-8mm). Hint: Fill the water directly in the empty bucket to solve the residue from the bottom!
2. Connect the stirrer unit to the mains and turn it on for 5-10 minutes (may change stirring direction for optimal homogenisation).
3. Switch off the stirring unit, disconnect it and drive the spraying system to the wood you want to spray.
4. Connect the compressed air hose of your company to the spray gun and start to apply the wood protection agent.
5. After completing the spraying process, the appliance should be immediately cleaned with water. To clean the inside of the hose and spray nozzle, close the valve on the container, remove the hose and put it in a container with water. Operate the spray  gun until the emerging water has cleared. Then spray briefly from below into the valve to clean it too. After cleaning is finished, take the hose out of the water and put it back on the valve.

6.We would like to point out that if the device is not cleaned after use, the Wood.Protector remaining in the hose, spray gun and valve will harden and the components will stick. Please note that full functionality cannot be guaranteed without final cleaning.

Agitator for IBC


Like the spray system offered by us, our agitator is simple and robust!


Wood.Protector should be thoroughly mixed before application. We offer our customers a practical and economical solution to mix Wood.Protector directly in the IBC with a simple agitator with a stirring rod modified by us.


Power connection 230V


The agitator is placed on top of the inlet opening of the IBC and anchored to the metal frame for stabilization. After connecting to the mains supply (standard 230V), switch on the device and let it run for a few minutes (depending on the level of the IBC).
After mixing, remove the stirrer, close the inlet port of the IBC and clean the stirrer with (hot) water.


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